AAA Steel Works is a full-scale virtual construction company offering a full suite of services for the steel construction industry. We specialize and have expertise in structural steel detailing services for complex steel structures.

Steel Detailing

Steel detailing plays a vital part in the construction industry. Steel detailing is the proccess of developing structural steel shop drawings for steel fabricators and steel erectors. A steel detailer produces clean detailed plans, drawings for the manufacture, and erection of steel columns, trusses, stairs, handrails, beams, joists, etc. needed for the construction of industrial and commercial structures. Steel detailing companies relatively work together and provide their service and shop drawings to general contractors, engineers, and steel fabricators.
A steel detailing service typically prepares two different types of drawings: erection drawings and shop drawings.


Erection drawings are essential to the steel erector in the actual field because they use it as guidence as to where and how to erect the fabricated members (pieces). The erection drawings generally include dimensions to facilitate the location of the steel members, they generally show specific detailed information or other requirements, which includes all work that needs to be completed in the construction site. Shop drawings, are utilized to specify the precise detailing prerequisites for fabricating each and every individual piece of a structure, and therefore are utilized by the steel fabricator to fabricate these pieces. Shop drawings will include material specifications, dimensions, member sizes, and any other required additional information necessary for each finished member.


Choosing the RIGHT Steel detailer is crucial!
If steel is used in construction and manufacturing then steel detailing is neccessary! A steel detailer represents a crucial role in the overall project development. A good steel detailing service has to be familiar and comply with the requirements of the design drawings and with all industry standards and protocols, including those established by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Welding Society (AWS). Structural detailing services are usually required to submit thier drawings to a structural engineer and/or architect for evaluation prior to the release of the steel drawings for fabrication. An experienced steel detailing service provider can certainly make even the most complex project very simple to implement for a steel fabricator. At Metal Detailing Solutions, we strive to achieve every project with the highest accuracy and in a timely manner. We would like the opportunity to impress your firm with our highly skilled and experienced steel detailing team!


With our years of extensive experience and a successful track record of handling simple to complex projects, we are offering the best BIM services. We can help you to visualize the complete project before it’s constructed through our information-rich and comprehensive 3D models. We harness the various benefits of BIM, such as effective workflow, clash-detection, and improved collaboration to deliver reliable and quality services. With AAA Steel Works Detailing, you can avail of various benefits such as cost-effective pricing, dedicated service, and on-time delivery. We are experts in handling BIM-related queries and supporting coordination requirements with other trades.


We work closely with the steel fabricators to offer the best, trustworthy, and code-compliant connection engineering services. We will be your trusted partner from start to finish and help you overcome the challenges through our broad knowledge. We provide you the best connection engineering solutions and save your valuable time and cost. We stick to the guidelines as laid out by the contractors and fabricators and deliver the accurate and appropriate design. We offer clean and easy to follow structural steel connections, thereby simplifying the complexities involved with your project.


Our detailers are not only well versed in detailing complex steel structures but also skillful in design and detailing Pre Engineered hybrid structures and metal buildings with varying complexities. We understand that pre-engineered structures must be economical and fast to erect, and therefore we detail by incorporating and considering all the vital factors. Our expertise in pre-engineering will help you in shipping the factory build structures to the site promptly and can be assembled instantly within a shorter time frame. Nothing is difficult for the skillful workforce, and we will facilitate your needs where quick installation is the utmost priority.


We offer Joist and Deck detailing services in collaboration with structural steel detailing. Our range of services includes joist girders, bridging, open web joist, deck, and accessories. We also provide comprehensive erection drawings for the proper installation of the joist and deck. We will stick to the standards and deliver flawless service by ensuring quality and accuracy. Our in-house detailers have handled a wide range of projects in Joist and Deck and offer your projects on-time and every time with 100% customer satisfaction.


AAA Steel offers a one-stop PE seal and stamping service. Our licensed partners who can prepare, seal, sign, submit engineering drawings and plans to the concerned authority during the approval stage. Our experts are licensed and fully qualified in delivering the best solutions. Our partners have an extensive and broad range of experience in handling both private and public sector buildings. Our services will always meet your expectations. With our hands-on experience and excellence, we will always offer the best PE seal and stamping services.


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